keepers of the (base)men(t)

who is't art we?

We're Stickman! aka π e stickman, aka 1W/First West, aka Keepers of the (Base)men(t), aka the First Floor of the West Parallel of East Campus of MIT. A notable 'resident' of Stickman is our sexy cardboard cutout of Shakespeare (pictured above), arguably the sexiest of all cardboard cutout Shakespeares known to humanity. Ask us about his codpiece! We're also known for running the annual Pumpkin Drop off the Green Building.

Since Talbot Lounge/Fred Desk takes up the Munroe section, we're a smaller, but very tight-knit community that's somehow chill and chaotic at the same time. Our kitchen is on the cleaner end too. Residents are into anything and everything, including and not limited to: artisanal codpiece forging, exploring, spinning arts, 7/11 runs in the wee hours of the morning, mural painting/glueing, "wHOlEsome" readalongs, taking apart electronics, extensive whiteboard diagramming, etc. Nonresidents are always welcome to join our cephalopod hours ;).

also octagons.